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Our Data Security Is Key To Protecting Your IP

State-sponsored cybercriminals and amateur hackers alike know that law firms hold a treasure trove of valuable client information, making them prime targets for data breaches and industrial espionage.

At Christensen, Fonder, Dardi, We Take Cybersecurity And Protecting Your Prized IP Assets Very Seriously

We start with specially designed training for all of our staff and lawyers, making sure that everybody is aware of their responsibility to keep your information out of the prying eyes of cyber intruders. This includes regular briefings on every new ploy used in phishing expeditions and other tricks employed to gain access to client data.

Everyone in the firm is on the alert for indications of possible hacking or attempts to breach our data. They are encouraged to ask a question or bring anything suspicious to the attention of key people. As the saying goes, if they see something we want them to say something.
Likewise, we pass along to clients any intelligence we learn to help them protect their own servers and computers.

This goes well beyond the special encrypting of emails sent between our clients and us. We’ve built safeguards into our infrastructure to add additional layers of data security protection. And when a client has a special requirement, we create a custom security solution for them.
At Christensen, Fonder, Dardi, cybersecurity isn’t simply a buzzword. It is a way of life.