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As a former USPTO Patent Examiner, how do you add value to clients?

You go through a process that they call the Patent Academy at the USPTO. Where all examiners go through that process and they learn all the elements of Patent ability. They also learn something called broadest reasonable interpretation, which they use a great deal when they’re examining patent applications from ventures.

To elaborate on that a little bit they need to read the patent claims and understand them. Then they search to see, “Well, is this something that already exists in the patent database?” If it does, then we don’t need another one. To be patentable it has to be the first one. When they’re doing that, searching, they interpret the claims in the broadest reasonable way, because that’s how it would be interpreted if someone was sued for infringement. That words like the aperture would cover any kind of hole in something, not just the specific holes shown in the figures of the patent they’re examining.

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