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Describe how your CAD expertise benefits clients

When I graduated from engineering school I started working as an engineer and it was during that time when engineering design, product design, was all being done with computers. Previously people had stood in front of a drawing board and drew things with pencils and pens and straight edges and T-squares and triangles.

Instead, we use computers. I became very fluent with the types of CAD software computer-aided design software, and I’ve come to use that as a patent attorney working with engineering companies because the engineers that we work with, they’re using CAD programs and it’s usually what’s called solid modeling, programs like SolidWorks where they’re almost taking digital Play-Doh and making three-dimensional shapes.

When they work with their vendors to have those products prototyped they normally don’t send drawings at all, they don’t send a description at all. They just email the three-dimensional model and they get back parts.

Our firm is able to do the same thing with companies that have an engineering department. They just email us their solid model and we manipulate that to create the patent figures that go with a patent application describing that product.

The fact that I’m able to go inside that three-dimensional model, take it apart, move things around all the details of the design are right there in the model. The inventor or engineer doesn’t need to sit down and write some lengthy description of what the invention is. It’s all inside that three-dimensional model.

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