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Allen Groenke, Patent Attorney

For me, becoming a patent attorney was kind of a slippery slope, almost a mistake, almost an accident, because I started out … when I was in high school, didn’t know that much about the world, but knew that I liked to tinker with things, and liked to invent things. And so that led me to choose an engineering major as my bachelor’s degree. And once I got that, I worked as an engineer at several companies, and along the way became an inventor and worked with patent attorneys.

And it was actually some of those patent attorneys that helped me study to become a patent agent. And then once I passed the exam that you take to become a patent agent, the patent attorney who had helped me study for that exam was impressed enough to hire me at his firm as a patent agent. Then once I was an agent, I continued to process once I had that momentum. I went to law school and became a patent attorney.

So, I feel like the depth of that experience helps me to communicate well with engineers, who are still designing and managing projects, to develop new products.

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