Innovative Patent & Intellectual Property Attorneys

What do the firm’s ideal clients have in common?

Ideal clients are obviously innovative because that’s what we deal with day in and day out is innovation. Ideally, they’re in a competitive environment. Ideally, they understand the patent or intellectual property practice. Ideally, they’re sophisticated in that regard. Our ideal clients, the more they know about what we do, the better we like them. Our best clients now often have one or several patent attorneys in-house, and we love working with them. They appreciate our efforts. They know how we stand up against the other patent firms when they’re excited and engaged with respect to their intellectual property, and with respect to their patents. Because all of our attorneys have that same attitude. We love this practice of the law and we’re very engaged, we’re very passionate, and we’re excited about this practice of the law. We like writing patent applications. That’s what we enjoy doing. So when you get a client that’s as excited about intellectual property as you are, it makes for a great relationship.

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