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What does the trademark registration process involve?

So when a client comes to us and is thinking about filing for a trademark application, we first determine, of course, what the trademark is that he’s looking to register. And then we’ll typically do a search to make sure that nobody is using the same trademark or similar trademark for a same or similar product or service.

We’ll do a search, and then we’ll talk some more about what the product, goods, or services may be. Then we’ll define the product a little bit more closely, so we’ll determine exactly what that product is, we’ll describe and in maybe 2 or 3 short sentences, and then we’ll determine what trademark classification the product should be listed in or what category we’re going to apply for the trademark in.

For example, there’s a lot of different trademark classifications, and so the trademark that we are applying for will be specific to a particular classification or category of goods and services. So it’s important to determine, or provide a good explanation, or description of the goods and services so we can get it into the right product category classification.

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