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What is the significance of USPTO registration?

Of our ten attorneys right now, eight of them are registered as patent attorneys to practice before the patent and trademark office.

One of them that’s not registered is a litigator. He has extensive patent litigation experience. Trademark litigation experience. Trade secret litigation experience.

He does not prosecute patents. The rest of us do prosecute patents and some of us also do some litigation. But the other electrical engineer that’s not yet registered is in process. He recently graduated from law school and he will be registered soon.

So in order to become registered to practice before the patent and trademark office, you need to have either a degree or sufficient credits in science, technology, engineering because that’s what you’re dealing with on a day-to-day basis.

All of us here, as an undergrad, took science, technology, physics, chemistry, engineering, as an undergrad. Those are what our degrees in. We took that passion for science and technology from high school to college.

There’s a lot of other firms I’ve been at where attorneys would actually go back later so that they could practice patent law and take enough courses and that’s not so here. We’re all first engineer scientists and then, second, lawyers and patent attorneys.

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