Innovative Patent & Intellectual Property Attorneys

What makes CFD unique?

First off, we’re unique from the normal law firm in that we focus exclusively on intellectual property, meaning patents, and trade secrets, and trademarks, copyrights, and the like. Firstly, all of our attorneys have a science or engineering background. Most of them are registered to practice before the Patent and Trademark Office.

With respect to other patent firms, we think that we’re unique in that we provide a special, innovative way that we practice. We always try to add value to everything that we do. We do not just routinely write patent applications. We try to interact with the inventors and draw more out of the original invention disclosure than perhaps typically would happen.

The patent attorneys we have here, about half are extremely experienced with 15-20 years of patent experience, and they all have clients that have remained extremely loyal to them. Several have advanced degrees, PhDs in chemical engineering and physical chemistry. They have a masters in mechanical engineering. We have an MBA or two, as well. We have attorneys that have tried several cases.

We continually strive to provide the most expeditious service that we can. In the patent world now, it’s first to file, so we often turn around patent applications, when necessary, within a day or two. Our typical turnaround time might be 30 days. A few years ago, typically you’d expect to get a patent application turned around in a month. But we’ve dramatically increased what we can do in that regard.

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