Innovative Patent & Intellectual Property Attorneys

What makes the firm unique?

We take a goal-oriented approach to patenting. This simply means that we focus on why a client is seeking patent protection and how patent protection can help accomplish various interests of their company or their business. From there we can use that information to tailor a patent that’s specifically to accomplish those goals. Or to advise them in other ways that help them accomplish those goals.

In my case, I work significantly on computer systems and software patents. Those areas are huge areas of innovation for lots of different clients. But they have specific requirements or special requirements for obtaining patentability. With regard to software and computer system patents over the last five years or so, the standards for successfully obtaining those patents have evolved or changed over time. I’ve practiced for multiple Fortune 500 technology companies. One in the area of computer systems and software. Another in the area of defense and aerospace innovation. In both of these, for both of these clients, we’ve successfully helped them, guide them along the way while these standards have changed and obtained patent protection.

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