Innovative Patent & Intellectual Property Attorneys

What type of clients do we work with on IP litigation matters?

Most of the litigation that our firm and the various attorneys of our firm have been involved with has been with their existing clients. I’ve had clients where I’ve handled half a dozen different litigations for them, with respect to their products, their patents, et cetera. We also occasionally get referred to a new client, where we haven’t done any work for them before, but they’ve heard of us or heard of specific attorneys here, and we handled that litigation as well. The clients that typically end up in litigation are very significant clients. No revenues, hundred million plus for example, that are in competitive fields, that they know who their competitors are. They’re racing to solve specific problems and oftentimes have come up with these solutions, new patent applications in other words, about the same time. And there’s often a thought that, wow, that’s interesting. They filed the same time we did or they copied our product. So if the communication isn’t great between these companies, that’s the sort of thing that often ends up in litigation.

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