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Why our clients work with us

Recently, a client told me that, “Doug, your firm, everything that they touch, they add value to.” And it’s not just writing the patent application, it’s interacting with the designers, with the engineers. Totally understanding what they are presenting, and asking them the right questions. What are the other ways of accomplishing this? Is that the only function that this performs?

And they appreciate that immensely. The goal is always to get a patent for them that is going to cover not just what they’re doing, but what the competition is going to do when they see that this is a successful product.

So, they love that. They always comment on our pricing, and the value that we provide is great. Especially when they’ve come over from big law firms with 100 plus attorneys, and they see what we charge being from the midwest. They’re always pleased. They like what we present when we do portfolio analysis when we do opinions. We strive to make it a graphic presentation, so that the officers of the corporation, and non-technical people, non-legal people can see what’s going on. We try and put things in plain English to the extent possible, and we use a lot of graphics. So, we’ve gotten a lot of comments on our presentation materials, both for opinion work, and both for analysis of portfolios, for example.

The other thing that we focus on in addition to adding value to the applications we write on, is that it’s incredibly important that the client sees the value. We will quote prices, do not exceed prices on patent applications. If a client for some reason, particularly a sophisticated client that has expectations with regards to patent applications. If we do not meet those price wise, it’s just a no brainer. What do you think this application is worth? And we’ll go with their price, it’s happened before.

So, we try to add value, we try to present value in what they would expect to pay. We’re Minnesota prices, our attorneys here are often 50% hourly less than what they might be on the East or West Coast. We’re a small firm, approximately 10 attorneys now. And so we provide a very personal service. You deal with the attorney that is working on your project.

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