Innovative Patent & Intellectual Property Attorneys

Why should a new lawyer be interested in CFD?

We offer a great supportive work environment. We have an amazing staff of highly talented paralegals and legal administrators. Our attorneys are absolutely superb. The partners are just so supportive, so talented in many ways, lots of years of experience, prosecution, litigation and other areas of IP.

We offer flexibility in our compensation. We strive and encourage a very solid work-life balance. For those that want to work a lot of hours, we have a lot of opportunities as far as that goes. We offer flexibility. If you want to work 1500 hours a year, that’s great. If you want to work 2200 hours a year, we can manage that as well.

We offer compensation. We offer a great work environment. We offer immediate contact with clients, and to the extent you want to get involved in litigation, we have several litigations ongoing right now, as well as post-grant reviews. We have that in our practice. We also do a significant amount of trademark prosecution and occasionally some litigation. So we’re looking.

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