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Why should new startups register trademarks?

A new startup company should give serious consideration of filing a trademark application so that they don’t get invested in a particular brand. In other words, their trademark, and find out later on that somebody else is either using that same trademark or that somebody else is using a similar trademark. And they are going to stop you from applying for a trademark or using your branded brand and association with your products. I’ve seen it happen before where startup companies will invest in a particular brand. They get into this, they get investment, they have products, they’re starting to grow. A year or two years later, they find out that somebody else has a very similar trademark, and that person is a senior user of the trademark and will stop that junior user, the startup company, from using the trademark. They have to start all over again with a new brand, and they’ve potentially wasted a lot of time and money just because they didn’t do a simple search ahead of time.

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