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Basic steps to take to file a patent

| Jul 30, 2020 | Patents

Throughout history people have been trying to improve the way things are done. This is generally so people can complete tasks more efficiently and quickly. People have developed inventions to accomplish this goal and many people in Minnesota are no different. There are many companies that have developed many products that people use in their every day lives as well as inventions used in various industries. It is important that these companies can keep their inventions as their own though.

To do this they can file for patents to protect the inventions. The patent prevents other companies from copying the invention and allows the company to profit from their ingenuity and work put into the invention. Obtaining a patent is a somewhat lengthy process though.

Steps to obtaining a patent

  1. The first step is determining whether there is another invention like the invention that has been publicly disclosed. This requires a patent search which can be a complicated process.
  2. Next it must be determined what type of patent is needed. There are three main types of patents: Utility, Design and Plant Patents.
  3. After the type of patent is chosen, then people need to start preparing their applications ensuring that all information is contained in the application.
  4. Once the application is accepted an examiner then reviews the application. The examiner then may request additional information needed for the application. Eventually they determine whether to issue the patent.

When companies in Minnesota develop new products or processes, it is important that they are able to market and sell them. To do this, companies can patent them. The invention process may seem easier to some companies than the patent process though. It can be complicated and time consuming. This can force companies to take time away from simply running their businesses. Experienced patent attorneys understand the process though and may be able to guide people through the process.

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