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Protecting Your Flagship Products Starts Now

Investment in research and development for new products requires intense consideration. This investment should not come at the expense of forfeiting potential intellectual property rights – plans for protecting intellectual property should be formed early in the development cycle. Innovate with the knowledge that your investments of time, money and resources are safe.

The attorneys at Christensen, Fonder, Dardi are highly experienced and have worked with numerous companies throughout the production of high-end and flagship products. To speak with our team about how to best protect your work, contact us at 612-315-4100.

Proper Legal Action Supports Your Business Investments

As your company begins work on developing new products, particularly those that represent major corporate investment, there are many ways that proper legal care can reduce costs, save time and set your business up for success long-term, including:

  • Identifying potentially patentable inventions early in the development cycle
  • Establishing a clear record of your work on the product
  • Assigning rights to product innovations and patents throughout the development process
  • Providing an overarching strategy for projects that may require multiple, highly detailed or international patent filings

Our attorneys create a reliable legal framework for product development that supports your long-term needs and provides a future-oriented approach to your work. From chemical engineering revolutions to the latest in sports technology, our team supports creative, cutting-edge progress.

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