Innovative Patent & Intellectual Property Attorneys

Intellectual Property Litigation Protects What You Own

Whether enforcing your intellectual property or defending against another party’s allegations, our intellectual property litigation attorneys will help you obtain the best possible outcome.

We work in all of these areas of IP litigation:

  1. Patent Litigation
  2. Trademark Litigation
  3. Copyright Litigation
  4. Trade Secrets Litigation
  5. Unfair Competition Litigation

Patent Litigation

We represent patent litigation clients in many different industries and sectors. We bring a wide range of experience in a variety of industries and technology-related fields to your patent litigation case, which can be more than simply a legal case. Often, it involves a major business issue, as well, because the outcome can have a direct effect on how a company moves forward to achieve its broader growth objectives.

Trademark Litigation

Because trademarks represent important pieces of a company’s intellectual property, their brands and reputation, protecting trademarks are vitally important. We represent clients who believe that their trademarks are being infringed by another business and those accused of infringement, representing both plaintiffs and defendants in federal and state courts as well as at administrative hearings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

Copyright Litigation

When you believe your work is being copied, used without permission or not receiving a licensed rights fee, we move vigorously to protect your interests. Whether the appropriate response is sending a cease and desist letter or filing an action, we help ensure that you are protected against having your creation being unlawfully used or stolen by someone else.

Trade Secrets Litigation

Nearly every business possesses confidential information that, if learned by a competitor, would cause serious damage to the company. Trade secrets often form the core of an organization’s intellectual property portfolio and may include everything from a secret formula to proprietary product designs and customer lists.

our intellectual property attorney can take immediate action, such as seeking a restraining order if you believe that your trade secrets have been stolen or leaked. Our trade secrets litigation team is able to represent you in federal and state courts before you suffer irreparable harm.

Unfair Competition Litigation

Unfair competition takes many forms. Some examples include infringing your trademark, selling counterfeit goods, appropriating your trade secrets and false advertising. Unfair competition issues must be confronted as soon as possible so that they do not cause lasting damage to your business.

Our unfair competition litigators will work with you to find the best remedy for the situation. It might mean asking a federal or state court to issue an injunction or it might mean seeking damages. Whatever the appropriate solution, we will quickly and aggressively protect you and your business.