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Partners In Ongoing IP Portfolio Management

The patent application process is only your first step in protecting and managing your intellectual property (IP). In order to continue to protect your IP, you must have a system to monitor and manage your IP portfolio, as well as analyze potential opportunities and problems. An experienced IP firm can perform all of those functions on your behalf.

At Christensen, Fonder, Dardi, our attorneys are recognized leaders in the field of IP law, including portfolio management. When you allow us to manage your patent and trademark portfolio, we can do more for your business. We are equipped to investigate potential violations and risks raising concerns for you, as well as identify the administrative needs for maintaining your current patents. As we develop ongoing relationships with our clients, we are better able to assist them with optimizing their IP and identify opportunities for growth in their portfolio.

Portfolio Management In Action

We work best when we establish a partnership with our clients. Once we are familiar with your company’s assets and goals for future development, we can offer strategic advice while monitoring your property. We perform a range of services regarding portfolio management, including:

  • Run reports for your patents’ areas of technology
  • Review and monitor the activity of your competitors
  • Run reports of your company’s IP portfolio
  • Assess claim coverage
  • Identify which patent families are still active and which are not
  • Create global charts illustrating protection throughout the world
  • Identify areas of investment opportunity and growth

We can assist you with developing licensing agreements with other companies when those opportunities arise.

IP Defense And Litigation

IP protection requires that you defend your property when others attempt to infringe upon your patent or trademark, challenge your registration or accuse you of infringement. As part of your IP management team, we can:

  • Monitor patents for possible competitors
  • Monitor lawsuits in the industry
  • Monitor competitors’ trademark filings

We also have experience with post-grant procedures, which can be more efficient than litigation. The attorneys at Christensen, Fonder, Dardi are highly skilled litigators who can take matters to court when needed, though we understand the value of a negotiated settlement.

Partner With Us To Protect Your Assets

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