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Dianne Bennett

Paralegal, Operations Manager

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Diane Bennett is a patent agent in the Minneapolis office of Christensen, Fonder, Dardi & Herbert. She works with the patent attorneys in filing, prosecuting and protecting client patents. With both a master’s degree and a doctorate in polymer science and engineering and an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering with an emphasis in biology, Diane will add her deep knowledge in science and related fields to provide the kind of expertise needed as part of a successful patent application.

She has been a registered patent agent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office since 2008.

Diane was the recipient of a prestigious National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship and a DuPont research fellowship. Her graduate research focused on synthesizing and studying novel bioengineered block copolymers.

Earlier in her career, Diane was part of a two small businesses that emphasized novel polymer technologies. She was involved in the second small business from start-up and provided support ranging from prior art searching, assisting with patent claim strategies and case writing, materials property testing, accounting, and technical sales. Along with her practical business experience in the field, Diane has taught physics at the University of Wisconsin.

In addition to preparing patents, Diane has extensive experience in drafting research grant applications in the diverse areas of science and engineering.

Also, Diane is fluent in German!


  • Ph.D., Polymer Science and Engineering, University of Massachusetts (1995)
  • Master of Science, Polymer Science and Engineering, University of Massachusetts (1991)
  • Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering, University of Texas (1990)

Membership Organizations

  • National Science Foundation, Grant review panelist, 2019 and 2013
  • UW-Madison HHMI Inclusive Excellence grant, Advisory Board Member (2018-present)
  • National Council of University Research Administrators (2018-present)