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Apple to pay almost $440 million in patent lawsuit

| Sep 14, 2020 | Patents

Sometimes it seems like big corporations always have the upper hand when it comes to lawsuits, but this is not always the case, particularly in the area of intellectual property claims. Product managers, engineers and general counsel for large corporations in the Minneapolis area may be interested to hear that a decade-old patent infringement lawsuit brought against technology giant Apple by the internet security specialist VirnetX has concluded in favor of VirnetX to the tune of nearly $440 million.

Apple to pay almost $440 million in patent infringement lawsuit

The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas issued a ruling in the case earlier this month that Apple will remain responsible for paying a total of $439.7 million in damages to VirnetX for patent infringement regarding its Virtual Private Network (VPN)-on-demand feature.

The case goes back to a 2010 case in which VirnetX claimed Apple infringed on its VPNs allowing for the configuration of anonymous secure connections. Apple appealed the loss, but the appeal was ultimately denied, and Apple will now be responsible for paying the judgment.

Avoiding patent infringement claims

Patents are an essential part of business that drive economic growth. If a patent is infringed upon, it can negatively affect a company’s saleable product and halt opportunities for growth. Most patents are utility patents, which cover the useful or functional components of an invention. It is important if you are applying for a patent that a thorough investigation is performed to ensure there will be no infringement. If there is, seeking legal counsel may be necessary to protect your rights and those of your company. Patent attorneys in the Minneapolis area understand what is at stake in a patent infringement lawsuit and may be a useful resource.


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