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Girl Scouts accuse Scouts BSA of trademark infringement

| Jan 18, 2021 | Trademarks

People in Minneapolis may already be aware that the Boy Scouts of America began allowing girls into their organization in October 2017, giving girls the opportunity to become an Eagle Scout like their male counterparts. However, this has caused conflict with the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A who are claiming that the Boy Scouts have committed trademark infringement.

The trademark infringement claim

The Girl Scouts filed a legal claim alleging trademark infringement in the Boy Scouts recruiting and advertising efforts. Specifically, the Boy Scouts used the phrase “Scout Me In” in these efforts. The Girl Scouts also claim in their filing that some local Boy Scout organizations utilized the phrase “Girl Scouting” — a highly damaging act of trademark infringement. The Girl Scouts claim that their distinctiveness is being eroded to their detriment.

The Boy Scouts’ response

In response to these claims, the Boy Scouts claim that the Girl Scouts have no evidence that confusion between the organizations led some girls to join Boy Scouts rather than Girl Scouts. The Boy Scouts also stated that the Girl Scout’s claims are dismissive of the decisions of the thousands of girls who chose to participate in Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA. The Boy Scouts seek to have the Girl Scouts’ claim dismissed.

Learn more about trademark infringement

Time will tell how this dispute between Girl Scouts and Scouts BSA will be resolved. It does serve as a good example, however, of the two sides of a trademark infringement claim. Those in Minnesota who want to learn more about trademark infringement can explore our firm’s website for further information.


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