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Understanding some of the basics about patents

| Jan 27, 2021 | Patents

There are many different concerns for most businesses to address on a day-to-day basis. After all, with goals such as maintaining profitability and potentially expanding a company’s reach, there may be more than one way to grow a business. For some, the concept of “patents” may not arise that often. But, when it does, the importance of patents can be paramount. That is why understanding some of the basics about patents can be crucial.

Patent basics

For starters, the basic concept of a “patent” is to protect an idea or design, for example, so that the exclusive right to use that idea or design is yours and yours alone, for a designated period of time. To get a patent, an application must be filed with the with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Yes, that means that a bureaucratic process must be completed, which can take time, but if the application is successful going through the process will likely be beneficial for businesses, or even solo inventors.

If a company or individual has a patent and believes that another company or individual is violating the exclusivity of the patent, that may be patent “infringement.” Such action could mean that you have a legal claim against the company or individual who is violating your patent rights. For businesses just starting out, getting a patent can provide some peace of mind that you will be able to move forward with a new product or service without worrying about anyone else potentially infringing upon your idea without the potential threat of litigation.

Seek help when required

Although understanding some basics about patents can help, the reality is that these types of matters are oftentimes complicated, dealing with complex ideas or designs. Any of our readers who believe they have a patent issue to address may benefit from reviewing the patent overview section of our law firm’s website.


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